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Nicole is in the Finals of The Next Food Network Star – GAH!

Hey, Lenny and Luca.  You can just infer whatever you want from this pic.  But I think we know who is winning this.

Hey, Lenny and Luca. You can just infer whatever you want from this pic. But I think we know who is winning this.

Superficial Gallery Darling and The Next Food Network Star FINALIST Nicole Gaffney now needs your help!  Sarah finally got voted off and I feel a lot better about a lot of things now that I read what the people on Twitter said about her.  Sheesh.

I don’t have time to tell you anything else.  Go read the Interview with Nicole if you are so interested.  BUT you also have to vote for her TEN TIMES A DAY.  Actually, it is ten times a day on the phone and on the web so TWENTY TIMES A DAY.  That sounds like a lot but it takes like, two seconds and it ends Wednesday morning at 11:00 am EST. OR  855-547-8273

I also made these so put them on your sites if you have them.  Or make fun of me.  I don’t care.  JUST GO VOTE.  Oh, and at the bottom of the post is Nicole’s pilot.  It is obviously the best one because she drinks in it.  And if it doesn’t load down below then go watch it here.



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  1. Cider

    Done and done! Hooray Nicole!

  2. chikuba

    If I put on a fake mustache can I vote more times?

  3. Dan Brill

    I voted 8 times. Those last two seemed like too much effort though. Maybe after lunch.

  4. Don Quikaung

    Voted. But I did wait until the pleading started.

  5. Candyce M.

    I Voted for Nancy Kerrigan! I mean, Nicole! YAY!

  6. Aaron Gilliland

    I voted, I voted. Gimme back my pet hamster now!

  7. Acadia Einstein

    Nope – you all need to do it again after midnight EST tomorrow AND Wednesday.

  8. N Jill Marsh

    Okay, happy?

  9. elssar

    “Voting Is Closed to Visitors Outside the U.S. and Canada”


  10. angelamia

    I voted yesterday and today, and so did my kids. Acadia is paying us a dollar for every vote. How much is he paying you guys?

  11. JRD Skinner

    I did it – now destroy the pictures, like you promised.


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