I don’t know about you, but i am getting pretty sick of these pity picks in my list of the 31 Scariest Movies of All Time.  Then again, at least it was picked ahead of Dawn of the Dead.  Night of the Living Dead was I guess groundbreaking?  Heh, groundbreaking, see what I did there?  I don’t know of any other zombie movie that came before it so it gets points for that.

But then again, all a zombie is really is a vampire that can go out in the day and has no powers.  Except for the Haitian ones; they can do stuff.  I think rich Haitians use then as butlers.  But the zombies in this movie aren’t butlers.  They are just slow bumbling dead jerks trying to eat everyone’s brains.  Well, actually, in this movie that isn’t even true.  They just eat people in general.

So then if that’s the case why do they need to eat people?  Why can’t they eat waffles and roast beef and Sno-Balls?  And when do they poop?  And how come they don’t need to sleep?  Can’t some doctors weigh in on this?  Why do we have to let these brainless shambling doofuses push us around?  I for one am not going to take it anymore.  My new plan is to try to train the zombies into being my butlers.

Stay tuned cause next year you will probably see 1000 Zombie Butlers in a theater near you (and ones further away but fancier).  But for now you will have to live (or die) with Night of the Living Dead.  Trailer after the jump!