I got a free pass to a preview screening of Night Film, written by Bryce McGuire and Rod Blackhurst and directed by McGuire.  It stars Kerry Condon, Wyatt Russell, Amélie Hoeferle, and Gavin Warren.  In the movie, a baseball player (Russell) needs to do some rehab and can’t play, so the family moves into a house with a pool.

And even though I am not jealous of the pool even though it has lights and steps in the deep end and stuff. But!  The thing I am not jealous of is the…more special aspects of the pool.  According to the pool guy who got it running for them, the pool ran from its own spring and apparently filters itself. OK, that I am jealous of. But the thing is he says there is a big aquifer under…the house? The town? It’s Minneapolis so I dunno how many aquifers there are. Probably a lot since they have so many lakes, but that’s not the point! Character wise I liked the mom and the daughter. Not so much the dad and the son but eh. I am definitely not mad that the ladies were the power in the movie. Now let’s talk about spooky stuff.

There is definitely some spooky stuff. The whole movie does not take place in the pool. Not sure if that will disappoint you or not, but it’s true.  The evil in the story has a goal and it needs people to achieve it and it goes about it pretty methodically. There is peril, and honestly, given that I knew who none of the actors were, I had no idea if anyone was safe.  That in itself is fun, you know?  There are some decent creature effects and a couple jump scares that comes in the times when I was not expecting them. But they were jump scares and I can get jump scared when one of my cats sneaks up on me (in the right circumstances) so that’s not a big deal. So did it scare me.

No.  Unfortunately not. It might scare other people, but it did not scare me.

I thought about it on the way home. And I guess it DID have the capacity to. But it felt like the writers came up with a peril and then…stopped. They had some set pieces they wanted to do, but the whole figuring out what was actually going on was incredibly rushed.  Sure they had a bit of a “research montage” and a really fun scene that hammers things home, but it still seemed like they ran out of stuff to do in the second act.  Well, at least they decided not to show it to us.  We did get this little fun clue when the wife (who is the hero of the movie, which I liked) talks to the realtor who sold her the house.

They were not pool people. No. They were not.

So should you go see it? If you need to go to the movies, sure. But if you can do something else then you are fine catching it later. There is some fun stuff and it makes me miss summer, but since I am not looking for a date movie I think I can pass.  But if YOU need a date movie you could do worse.

I guess I give it 3 inner tubes out of 5. It is also the best swimming pool movie I have seen since…ever?