Dog Miles Standish later realized he was not supposed to eat chicken bones, but was saved by Poodlehontas.

I don’t know how long I’m gonna be able to milk this gimmick, but if this is the jumping off point, I am excited to see the comedic possibilities of North Carolina Law.  By the way, the reason you are going to start seeing more things about North Carolina (and specifically Charlotte) is cause that’s where I live now and Albuquerque sucks.  but more on that later.  For now, let’s eat!

This week North Carolina became the latest state to consider relaxing its restrictions on animals in restaurants.

“The current law does not allow animals,” explains North Carolina Division of Environmental Health public information officer Laura Leonard, who yesterday participated in a public hearing on a rule revision that would permit pets on patios.

The reason I bolded that public hearing part was so that I could point out:

According to Leonard, the lone citizen who spoke at the hearing felt the new rule – which prohibits animals from entering the indoor dining area, eating table scraps, licking utensils and nuzzling with employees – was overly strict.

Now, the story doesn’t say (or maybe it does, I really only skimmed it) if there were other people AT the hearing, but I like to think there wasn’t.  Just Laura Leonard, taping herself.  How awesome is apathy?  Eh, I guess I don’t care enough to research it.

And where do I stand on the idea of allowing dogs into restaurants?  I say go for it.  And what do I say to the pussies who cry that they are allergic?  I ask them what would they do if it was a blind person and the dog was a seeing eye dog?  And if the whiny allergic pussy told me that he would seat the blind guy and his dog out in front of the Sprint Store up the street and TELL him it was the restaurant, I would give that whiny allergic pussy seven dollars.