Have to admit this one, too.  I haven’t seen the movie.  Oldest movie I’ve ever seen was Grand Hotel and that was cause I was on this young Joan Crawford kick.  Actually, now that I think about it, I was only on that kick cause I saw her in that one movie.  So I don’t know what that ‘s about.

That said, I have to believe that this is a sympathy vote.  Jackasses thinking they are cool because they know about the oldest horror movie ever.  Stupid.  Can a silent movie even BE scary?  How would people know when to get scared?  Wait til you hear the trailer after the jump.  It’s just a plain old piano.  Doesn’t even sound like it falls on anyone.  And yet this is one of the 31 Scariest Movies of All Time

But on the other hand, the trailer does imply that the vampire is on a boat.  That’s a pretty cool idea.  Like, if it was a really long trip, and there weren’t many people on the boat, would the vampire be smart enough to not bite all the people who can drive the boat before they get to shore.

Or would you forget how to do the things you could do before you got vampired?  Like, I’ve never seen a vampire juggle.  Have you?  Haven’t seen any vampire human cannonballs either.  And that’s sort of too bad cause a vampire cannonball would be pretty formidable.

Nosferatu Original Trailer