Oh this picture is gonna get used a lot.

So this is not really an April Fool’s Joke on YOU.  But it is on the people in the Batcave.  Sort of?  See, they have been bitching that they have not gotten any new people in a while so I want you all to sign up and bother them.  Or have fun.  I don’t care.  Here is the run down of the forums.

  • Free for All is filled with idiots and is where Carnival Friday is held.
  • Current Affairs is filled with Conservatives so if you are a liberal you can have a good fight and if you aren’t then you can agree with everyone.
  • Entertainment is pretty meh, though the movies you just watched thread proves that we watch a lot of movies.

Anyway.  The people in the cave are always bitching about something so I am hoping you can go in there and push them around or something.  No trolling.  I see goatse or anything in there and I will come to your fucking house and punch your babies.  And if you are a dude…I call your nuts babies.  But other than that, talk to cats and talen and Ballsack and bustedstr8 and vange and others.

Maybe not Ballsack.

And you may as well do it cause this post is staying up until Friday Nineties.  Carnival Friday tomorrow night should be extraordinary.  I’m sure.