I have two three day passes for New York Comic Con and am getting ready to head over pretty soon.  I am not paying $75.00 for a pic with Evangeline Lilly so I am going to instead buy a bunch of crap I don’t need and make it my mission to take pics of #100Harleys.  Last year there were a ton of Harley Quinns but I am hoping that after Margot Robbie was so good in Suicide Squad and you can buy most of her costume at Hot Topic she will be even more ubiquitous at this year’s show.

So follow me on Twitter @Acadia and see how far I get.  Maybe there will be a Harley Backlash and I won’t find many.  Maybe Zlata Glazunova (pictured above) will be there, but somehow I doubt it.  But no matter.  You don’t have to be a model or a professional cosplayer to dress up and have fun.  So out of the 239832890429 people who will be there.  I am really banking on 100 of them wanting to be Harley.  Otherwise I am going to have to go to some biker bar and take pictures of hogs to fill out the 100.

Ugh.  I said take pictures of hogs.  ew.  Here is some more Zlata to wash that taste out of your mouth!