A lot of people have misconceptions about what Comic conventions are.  And many more people write them off as things that just a particular “kind” of person likes.  Well I guess to some extent that might be true, but that “kind” of person has a pretty good chance of being within 100 feet of you in your office.

Are there beautiful people who want to show off?  Yep.  Are there kids who go so intricate that it takes years for them to perfect their costumes?  Yes.  But those are the people you already assumed went to cons.  What about families?  Why would a family do something like this?  Well, if there was a family that was into football, would you ask them why they bothered to go to a convention to meet players and coaches and have the experience of a lifetime?

How about NASCAR?  Or movies?  Or Food Network stars?  You would not bat an eye at it.  Cultures form up around things, and people go to cons to hang with people they admire, that they appreciate, and who appreciate them.  And in more cases than you would think, that can be whole families.  Some are adults using their kids as props.  Some are kids using their parents as props.  And sometimes the whole family just goes for it and KILLS.  Here are some off the best I caught from this weekend’s show.  I will have more NYCC posts coming, but this one struck me as a good way to get people who don’t “get” cons to understand that it is just another way for people to connect and have a good time.