This pic is to trick non-hockey females into reading this article.

Sid the Kid pulled it off last night.  Love him as the Next Great One or revile him as an over-hyped, high-sticking, privileged shitbird, he came through for Canada giving them the gold on the last night of home soil Winter Games in OT.  All of Canada is celebrating.  Like, I feel sure there are toddlers with a bit of whiskey in their sippy cups this morning.

He is now and forever in Canada’s hockey canon.  Pretty heady stuff for a 22-year-old guy.  Maybe now he will move out of Mario Lemieux’s basement.  That was a cheap shot; I think it’s kinda cool he is under his roof.  I hope having adult supervision keeps him out of the sort of ridiculous trouble so many young superstars get  into.  Stay gold, Ponyboy.

A rough video of the winning goal after the jump if you haven’t see it already.  And, if you haven’t, then I know you’re not a Canuck in your heart or your geography.*  That’s okay.  We can still be friends.

*I have been a geographical Canuck but I am currently only one in my heart.