I like sushi.  I like playing as Japan in my 1941 Playstation 3 game.  Battle Royale is an awesome movie.  And sometimes those anime chicks are hot.  But I don’t like fleshlights, vending machines with panties in them, tentacle porn or nuclear meltdowns.  Which means that I’m pretty much right down the middle on all things Japan.  Until this gem.  You might think I’m talking about the weird lady-hand pointer, but I don’t.  I mean that they are making food out of poo.  Yep.  Poo.

They make a big deal out of the fact that the bacteria that live in this poo die when you cook it.  OK.  I guess dead bacteria are better than live ones, but if I said to you: “I’m gonna give you a delicious spoonful of bacteria, but don’t worry.  They’re dead.”  I don’t think you would feel better and open wide.  I don’t want to know about the dead bacteria I eat.  Or the live bacteria.  Or the lady finger pointer sticks.  And that sandwich the bum gave me was spoiled I think.  Ugh.  That day I think poo steak would have been better.  Watch the video!