See. She feels bad now.

Fool me 476 times, shame on you.  But time number 477 will NOT HAPPEN!  You may recall that I tried to get Allison Kyler, ex-VH1 Scream Queen and professional dancer to do an interview with the Gallery.  She blew me off like, 475 times.  Then she said to email her which I did and she never emailed back.  So that was time 476.

So, because I am not stalkery at ALL I subscribed to her YouTube channel.  Which brings me to the video below.  I swear to you that she did NOT sound like a hillbilly when she was on Scream Queens.  If she had, I probably would have…followed…someone else.  You know.  See how their career is going.  Maybe?  You know?  Something?  Anyway, you can watch the video yourself.  You tell me if she is interview worthy or not!  And if you decide she is, then you talk to her.  I’m definitely not bending on my 476 screw overs rule.  That’s solid.