Do you love the tags still on? Very naughty Minnie Pearl, no?

I woke up to ice and snow today and it is beeeeeyewteeful!  But!  I have to go to work and driving in it and walking in it makes me less happy.  So I cranked the heat to 83 and put on my bikini.  This really isn’t working for me.  Not for nothing, but February is when swim wear hits the stores and I am excited to shop!  Maybe I should play hooky from work and go to the mall.  I wonder if I would appreciate this winter weather more from a Mexican beach.  Hmm.  I have no money and no vacation time.

After realizing that, let’s just say I have taken heed of a few requests for “mor boobs” and I aim to please.  And then I found this joke and figured it was good for a snowy Thursday.

Two entrepreneurs, Jack and John, decided to start a bungee-jumping business south of the border.  They went to Casa del Sol, Mexico, built a huge platform, and opened for business.  By noon the first day, they both noticed that while everyone was watching, no one was buying tickets.

Jack told John to go up and jump, so everyone could see how much fun it was, and then they would buy tickets and try it.  John jumped, almost reached the ground, and sprang back up. Jack saw that his shirt was torn and his hair was mussed.  John came down again and sprang back up. This time he had several bruises and his clothes were ripped to shreds.

The third time down and back up, and he had several open wounds, a broken arm, and was bruised over most of his body.  Jack quickly raised John to the platform and asked him what in the world was going on.

John replied, “I’m not sure. Do you know what “pinata” means?”