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Ohio Mascots Gone Wild

This is almost as good as a mascot eating a cheerleader, almost. Apparently, University of Ohio’s mascot has a beef. The guy who played the part says the whole point of becoming the mascot was to go out and get the Ohio State Mascot. Why else be a mascot right? So the guy tackles and puts a fist in Brutus’ face. It gets better…

The guy transferred before the school year, so he is not even a part of the student body. And yet.. Ohio U. has this guy as their mascot and he goes out jumps the other guy. Now when you see the video, you will see just how pathetic the whole escapade truly is. The team ignores it, the cheerleaders ignore it, and poor Brutus gets a knuckle sandwich for his trouble.

Now let me lay it down for ya. Ohio State was playing a patsy, let’s be honest, big old mean OSU is going to pound the University of Ohio in a football game, and for the first half, they scored on their first six possessions to take a 34-0 lead. Then OSU rounded up some wannabe players from the stands and cruised to a 43-7 victory.

Maybe they should have let the mascot play, he seems to be the only one who could tackle an OSU player. Of course, he would have gotten a roughing penalty, or at least a face mask call, but whatever, the mascot would have done just fine.

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  1. vange

    He had it coming.

  2. bluzdude

    Sorry, that’s just cheap and bush-league. One of the flag carrier should have ran him through. He disrespected the Nut.

  3. captain america

    …………..Ace Ventura was somewhere, folks?

  4. Patrick

    No doubt, why did everyone just ignore it? Call me crazy, but if my team mascot is getting jumped by the other team, I am gonna be the third man in..

  5. sangfroid

    I’d have thought it a shtick till the other mascot does the WTF body language.


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