Listen if I posted every dog here that I see that needs a home we’d need to make a new offshoot of the Gallery just dedicated to finding homes for dogs but this is a special case.

This dog, Bonnie, is one my friend Laura has visited and loves, and she’s gone through an awful lot and is now healthy and happy and needs help finding a home. She’s in Las Vegas at Hearts Alive Village, which is a non-profit that goes out of its way to find homes for animals at risk of being lost and overlooked in the shelter system.

LOOK AT THIS SWEET GIANT LOVEBUG! (Or, as Laura once described her “dog/cow/bean bag chair/lovebug”.) She lost 32 pounds and overcame diabetes! That’s a lot of hard work she did so she could be healthy!

Please share around so you can help Bonnie find her permanent home where she can be happy and safe for the rest of her days! Her video is below.