I heard Olivia Munn is on a network show now.  Or she was.  And she wrote a book, and she was on that Attack of the Show thing.  But the reason I think everyone likes her is her gifability.  See, some people get the Internet and some don’t.  Well, I guess I should say that some people get the part of the Internet where people make gifs.  Check out an episode of Community some time.  Every other show they make sure to have a scene with Alison Brie running with her chest bouncing along.

Why?  because people make gifs out of them, that’s why.  Now, Olivia Munn doesn’t really have Alison Brie-like…attributes.  But what she lacks in sweater fillin’s she makes up for with being of undeterminable racial origin, funny and prolly slutty.  Or at least she acts it.  And let’s face it.  We are talking about animated gifs here.  Acting slutty is really all you need.