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Olympic Mystery!


So the person above is an Olympic athlete.  She is in Vancouver right now.  On our team.  What sport does she play?  Ice Boxing?  Kangaroo sliding?  Mountain Climbing?  Mountain Falling?

Take your guesses.  First one who is right wins me saying they are right!

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  1. Biz.

    Brianne McLaughlin, US Hockey!
    this girl stops pucks traveling
    at her head at 80 mph!
    And still has her teefus!

  2. Acadia

    well that didn’t take long.

  3. bluzdude

    Well of course she has her teefuses… the goalies are the least likely to lose teeth, what with the full face shields. Wait a minute… what am I saying? All the players in women’s hockey wear full face shields. Their teeth will be fine. It’s the feet and ankles that are most at risk… One unfortunate shot and they may never again have the chance to be runway models!

  4. Robyn

    Oh how disappointing! I was sure it was going to be that one where they get on the ice with little brushes to make the thing land in the other thing.

  5. Grampy

    Dam! I thought she was into the Kangaroo Sliding.

  6. One of The Guys

    What a waste! She shouldn’t be wearing a mask!


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