Olympic Tongues!

Jaque Carvalho, Brasilian volleyball player, sticking out her tongue[/caption]We have a gallery of Olympic athletes sticking out their tongues courtesy of special tongue correspondent Bangs.  Bangs is not an official member of the staff, but she does go out of her way to critique Waiting for the Train (ALWAYS CONSTRUCTIVE) and she is a huge fan of the Olympics.  She plays volleyball irl.  At least she has told me that she does.  I can’t prove it because me going to a ladies volleyball game in some random YWCA would be creepy.And since she is such a fan, she decided to wrangle some Olympic tongues.  Wrangling tongue pics is the hardest job here at the gallery because it is super tedious but it is also the easiest one because you hardly have to say anything.  Here are some sample chats she sent me while drinking wine and watching gymnastics: So here is the fruit of her labor.  Give her a lot of feedback in the comments so she is inspired to do some other random tongue gathering.  She is a good wrangler and she needs some internet fames!