Yeah, I dunno how many people outside the industry really give a shit about Oscar nods but I’m gonna feature all the nominees for Best and Best Supporting roles anyway.  And there’s not a gawd damned thing you can do about it except sit back and enjoy the ride.  It’s a pretty sweet deal for you, really:  sit there, comfy and look at all these pix I have of the amazingly talented, Oscar-nominated Kate Winslet.  I heard that Oprah (eye roll, I know) was effusive in her praise for Kate Winslet’s nude scenes in the Leo movie because it is so womanly or some shit.  Is poor Oprah weary of the robot parts the rest of us have?  Get over it, big-headed lady:  I’m keeping my wheel feet just like Rosie on The Jetson’s.  Rosie was bad ass.

Kate Winslet