I don’t usually write about things I see on Top Chef cause I don’t want many people to know I watch Top Chef.  I have eaten in fine dining restaurants before but it is not something I am gonna brag about. It is sort of just for people from New York who don’t want to cook at home and use their oven to store clothes.  That said, I always watch Top Chef because these fuckers take their shit seriously.  At least, they always did, until Natalie Portman showed up and she and Padma Lakshmi turned the whole thing into a dick joke.

Watch the video below starting at 3:50.  Or watch the whole thing.  I don’t care; it’s the same price.  Just check how Padma is so focused on sounding smart about garlic blossoms (for fuck’s sake) that she says something dumb.  Then Natalie Portman, who knows so little about food that she has time to act like a doofus, calls her out on it.  Then it just keeps going until Tom Colicchio talks and ruins it.

Oh, and the challenge was that they chefs thought they were gonna cook steak but ended up having to cook vegetarian cause Natalie is a douche.  Movie after the cut.  Watch it.  It’s worth it.