Oh hey mind if I bring this to your house to do some home repairs while high out of my mind?

So I’m working on a bunch of renovations in my condo. The point of them is twofold: to make it a pleasant place to live and to increase my property value so I can finish a refinance I’ve been working on for, like, what seems like my entire life.

Anyway, I am pretty handy and can manage a lot of the work myself even if it takes me a while. But sometimes I need help from someone with more experience or at least more tools, and I’ve found a bunch of people to do little one-off jobs on craigslist almost without incident. (Well, other than this story there was a guy who effed up my brick wall but he doesn’t approach this tale.)

So a few weeks ago I wanted someone to come by and take care of a few electrical things that I was a little shaky about doing myself. I put an ad on craigslist explaining what I needed done and I quickly got a lot of responses which was typical. I always contact the first person (as long as they don’t seem crazy) and the first guy seemed good. He wrote a decent email, left his number, I called him and he seemed to have his act together, could come over and do the work that night which is what I was trying to do, etc.

So then he asked me to text my address to him, which I did. He replied to say he’d be over in about an hour. Now is where it gets fun.

About 20 minutes later I asked him to give me a little more time because I hadn’t eaten all day and wanted to run to McDonald’s and grab some food. His replies are below and I really don’t think it requires any further explanation. I guess I should be lucky and happy that in over 10 years of using craigslist this is the first time something like this has happened to me?

Oh hey just need to fool the wife, NBD

I guess I should thank the guy for sending me this accidentally. I assume he was going to pick up his goodies on the way over to my place. Thank goodness for sloppy texting by junkies so that he wasn’t in my house with me alone doing who knows what. Yeah, not cool. I’ll be sticking to people I know or at least people who someone I know knows for a while now. Be careful, kids.