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People Reading Tweets About Themselves Is Everything

People Reading Tweets About Themselves Is Everything

This is one of my favorite things that is so of this time, and I don’t care. I won’t apologize for loving it. I was inspired to make this collection for you, by this new video of Jeff Goldblum reading thirst tweets about himself. But more to follow, so don’t stop there.

Here’s Mark Ruffalo reading thirst tweets:

How about John Boyega and Oscar Isaac?:

Here’s an installment of celebrities reading mean tweets about them:

And to wrap it up, one Barry Obama reading mean tweets about himself: 


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Jenn Martinelli

Don't let Acadia tell you he's the boss. I'm the real boss.

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  1. Acadia Einstein

    My neighbor didn’t know about mean tweets until I showed him earlier tonight. Weird.


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