Perfect Couples

If television sitcoms are supposed to mirror reality, Perfect Couples suggests that we as a society are very very boring and stereotypical.

Starring five people who have had a few parts in a few shows and movies (“hey it’s that guy/girl” you’ll say) and Olivia Munn, “Perfect Couples” is so formulaic you could hit the mute button on it and insert your own dialogue and have it be better. Here’s the gist: three male/female couples, all married, all just sort of wandering through malaise and simple idiosyncrasies that involve couple-related issues and personalities.

But there is a little more to it…

Of course because it is a show, each couple have to be different and quirky in their own way, while also remaining long time friends who persevere throughout the changes in their own lives. Vance and Amy are the bohemian type couple; they are newly married, they fight constantly, have an active sex life and annoy their friends with their couple shit. Rex and Leigh are the more upper class couple, viewing themselves as perfect and ready to dispense advice and annoy the shit out of their friends with their perfect couple bullshit. And finally Dave and Julia are the normal ones, which basically means that they are the whitest of white bread, who usually get annoyed by the other two annoying couples.

AND THAT IS IT. That is what NBC gives you in 2011, that is what they decided to put on Thursday nights amongst all of the other good shows. We get plots like what was on this weeks show, where Rex has a man cave that the other guys don’t embrace, but Amy does as a way to keep her shopping compulsion secret. Meanwhile Dave has high cholesterol and eats like shit and is sneaking food, and the only way he can squelch it is by having sex with his wife (which leads to a montage of them having sex every time he gets tempted).

Again. THIS IS WHAT NBC ACCEPTED and gave to you. A show with annoying, milquetoast, straight, boring white people in their mid 30’s who take the problems you probably have with your wife/husband but MAKE IT WACKY because their personalities are turned up to 11. The writers on this show are probably going to go through every standard trope every week and the viewer gets 5-6 months of this. It doesn’t matter how many cute one liners they write in, how many montages they do, every show is going to be about these couples petty, shitty personality quirks and weaknesses and in the end they will all agree to change and admit just how boring they are.

I blame “Friends” for all of this. That show was such a huge hit and blew apart the “family” genre of sitcom which made every network and production company decide that every 5th new show that’s come out since then is always about a group of same aged men and women all dealing with SOMETHING, whether it’s being newly married, being 30, late 20’s, new parents, responsible, not young anymore, and on and on and on. I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to do after going through my day is to go home and watch shows about what appears to be some horribly scripted, ultra lame and unoriginal version of my life. Perfect Couples is not great, horrible, or any other declarative words. It’s a Saltine cracker without anything on top of it, and that’s what inspired me to devote six paragraphs to it.