Greg Hildebrandt

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greg hildebrant

The Brother’s Hildebrant defined what the world of the Lord of the Rings looked like. Their wonderful calendar art inspired many illustrators. I still have the 1978 LOTR calendar. The Tolkien Years are just one small part of their collected work. Tim is no longer with us but Greg Hildebrant is still alive and painting. Here he gives us Super Girl. Like the old saying about Fred and Ginger our favorite flying blond has to dance just as well as Superman only backward and in high heels.

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I’m not badI’m just drawn that way.” – Jessica Rabbit

There’s something special about pin-up art. They’re idealized images that are erotic without being graphic. A pin-up is a throwback to a simpler time when a bit of art could be a motivator and not just another X rated click. Arguably pin-ups objectify women but it’s just as true that it’s an art form embraced by modern women who feel empowered by Bad Girl Art. Rockabilly chic, Suicide Girls, Dita Von Teese; The pin-up is out there and alive in performances, photography, fashion music and tattoos.