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I’m not sure exactly how hip a woman has to be before a shower curtain with Gil Elvgren’s Jungle Girl on it is adorable. I do know that having one in a guy’s bathroom would put him in a certain category. I’m sticking with Calvin and Hobbes. If you think you can pull off the Pin-Up shower they’re for sale. Only $59.99


This shower curtain puts you into a category too. It’s one women can live with.

I’m not badI’m just drawn that way.” – Jessica Rabbit

There’s something special about pin-up art. They’re idealized images that are erotic without being graphic. A pin-up is a throwback to a simpler time when a bit of art could be a motivator and not just another X rated click. Arguably pin-ups objectify women but it’s just as true that it’s an art form embraced by modern women who feel empowered by Bad Girl Art. Rockabilly chic, Suicide Girls, Dita Von Teese; The pin-up is out there and alive in performances, photography, fashion music and tattoos.

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