So I got a big batch of cosplay pics and after going through them I realized that, no joke, 95% of them were either Batman or Star Wars.  There were a couple Thor’s and a lady Captain America but other than that, it was just lots of sexy Darth Vaders and  Catwomen.

Then it occurred to me that it would be a pretty cool thing to have a character in Star Wars that is Batman.  Like, he isn’t a Jedi or anything.  He’s just Batman.  Solving crimes at Mos Eisley.  Beating up Greedo.  What a good story.  How do you do fan fiction?  Will they all sue me?

Anyway – I want to know what you guys prefer.  Sexy Star Wars or Sexy Batman?  Let’s see if this voting thing we just put together works and you can vote for your favorite.  I will be over here in the other room writing my fan fiction.  Someone come up with  a cool name for Bruce Wayne in Star Wars land and I’ll take it from there.