I think there have been a few times in my past where there were a bunch of ladies in my house with guns.  But I don’t think this is one of them as none of them are pointed at me and I don’t have a fancy gun table.

I count five ladies and five guns.  The lady on the left seems to be explaining to the other ladies that size matters and the lady in the middle seems to be loading her fucking gun.  Loading it.  WHY?  Does the lady second from the left look like she just figured out she is about to die?  Sort of seems that way to me.  And look at the painting above their heads.  What do you think the dude in that painting is carrying?  A rifle?  A Pitchfork?  A Pepperidge Farm Beef Stick?

Come to think of it, I didn’t get anything from Pepperidge Farms this year for Christmas at all.  Maybe the lady in the middle of that picture up there didn’t either; maybe that’s why she’s loading the gun.  Good thing I don’t have a gun.  Or do I?