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Pics I don’t know why I have – Part 1

Poor lonely little guy.  :(

Poor lonely little guy. 🙁

How did this bowling pin get lost in the woods?  What’s inside a bowling pin?  Have you ever seen a bowling pin factory?  Did the guy who took this take the bowling pin with him?  Could it have been used as a weapon?

I can’t answer these questions alone.

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  1. Hotspur

    Bowling pins are made from wood (hard rock maple would be my guess) then they are coated with some plastic layer.

    That bowling pin lost its way in the woods. It looks like it got attacked by a bear, or maybe a wolverine.

  2. Fool

    This bowing pin was dropped by a juggling chimp on his way to the “insert country name here” got talent contest. It goes without saying he lost as anyone can juggle 2 bowling pins.

    (or 7 and 10 actually did in fact, split.)

  3. vettech

    This pic made me sad. Then it made me feel stupid for feeling sad. Then it made me think of that old Ikea commercial “Aw, You feel sorry for the little cow creamer? That is because you are crazy”


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