The road is so tantalizingly close.

The road is so tantalizingly close.

The picture is not the important thing.  Please remember that.  So you are going mudding or whatever and you have your girlfriend in the car and then you get stuck.  So there is your girlfriend in her jean skirt and her t-shirt and giant belt sitting in the car.  What do you do?

A:  Tell her to stay in the car until you find someone to help.

B:  Help her climb out onto the hood so that she could jump onto the still muddy but less goopy road?

C:  Get out, walk around the car, have her get out and take her picture?

If you guessed C, then you are awesome.  I wish I had the next picture where she flips him off.  And then the next 10 pictures where she just keeps sinking.  I think the last few pictures in the series are what the police call: evidence.