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Pics I Don’t Know Why I Have – Part 27

Is this guy mad?  Is he related to me?  Does he sort of look like the dude from Candyman?  Any reason you can think of that I have the dude on my computer?  At all?  Anything?

Could have been that since he was pissed off looking (sort of) I was gonna make something for the Batcave?  Or maybe what happened was that I loaned my computer to someone who was gonna try to make a fake high school yearbook and put in pics of people who didn’t belong in a high school yearbook cause they are too old.  That would be funny.

Or not.

The important thing here is that I just freed up 7.29 KB of disk space.  Hooray!

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I'm the funny one. And the handsome one. And I pay for everything.

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