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Pics I don’t know why I have – Part 6

This would be scarier were it night time...

This would be scarier were it night time...

So this one I might have more of an idea about.  I know that there was a Stephen King short story way a long time ago called Strawberry Spring and if I remember right the guy in the story talked about Spring Heeled Jack.  But I don’t think the story had anything to do with an old timey Batman guy startling grave robbers.

His heels do look pretty springy, though.  And I guess my caption might be wrong cause it looks like that grave robber has a lantern so maybe it is night time?  Whatever.  I am deleting it.  I don’t need 19th century superhero pictures on my computer.  Except for the ones I like, which include:

  • Consumption Man
  • Ellis I. Land (the hero of the eurotrash)
  • Doctor Chamberpot
  • The Admiral
  • The Commodore (technically The Commodore is a villain and the arch enemy of the Admiral)
  • Dead Orphan

I should really post the trading cards I have of all those guys.  They have their stats on the back and everything!  Anyway – Spring Heeled Jack?  Say good bye to my hard drive.

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  1. vange

    If it is not night–and the light in the sky would seem to indicate that–whyyyyyy is there a lantern?

  2. vettech

    I don’t know, but does he fight crime with the jaunty feather in his cap?


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