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Pics I don’t know why I have – Part 8

Ron did not help them look for the missing earring.

Ron did not help them look for the missing earring.

Ron Jeremy deserves this kind of adulation, but I am more interested in that many girls in an airport knowing who he was.  Maybe it was because of that VH1 show he was on?  Anyway – I must have saved it because of its inherent coolness.  Or, more likely, I saved it because Ron needs to dress better for flights, and I meant to call him and tell him.

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  1. sir jorge

    it’s odd.

    One part of me enjoys the photo, another is disgusted that women would do this.


  2. vettech

    I know these girls… it was the auditions for his NEW VH1 show, “Ron Jeremy: Cock of Love”

  3. vange

    I’m surprised to see only one tramp stamp.

  4. Carl

    What the hell is wrong with these girls? This guy is illegally ugly. OML!!!

  5. bingkee

    Is the guy Allah? Are the girls Muslim? It’s funny yet disgusting.


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