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Pics I don’t know why I have – Part 9


Who Shrunk That Guy!?!?!

Who Shrunk That Guy!?!?!

Knowing that this was in my folder sort of made me happy.  Still don’t know why I have it – but I like it.  Look how happy that dude is.  He knows that later he is gonna get some ropes and a helmet and go lady-climbing.  And she will be all majestic and…giant and let him make his expedition.

True love is always precious.  And when true love is combined with comedic disproportionate body sizes, the joy is exponential.  So you have fun, giant woman and little man.  And you can feel good knowing that your picture is no longer on my hard drive.  Of course, it is on the Internet, but that’s not my fault.  Where do you think I got it?  Oh?  I took it?  Well, whatever.  You have your copy now.  Hope all is well.

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  1. Shelly

    he he he, lady climbing, I love it! I would think she would feel even larger because he is so small. She must be large in the confidence department!

  2. vange

    I can’t believe you didn’t make a spelunking reference. I thought I knew you. 🙁

  3. Hotspur

    Get it off me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. amos

    you seriously make me smile a lot


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