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Pics I Don’t Know Why I Have – Space Dummy

Space Dummy Enterprises offers you this limited edition Blue Space Dummy with a see through chest plate, invisible arms, …skin eyes and a weird plastic suffocation sheet over its weird nose and blowjorb mouth.  This amazing specimen can be yours for only $150.00.  And by that I mean the picture cause that is all I have.  WTF am I, some kind of weirdo?  I don’t need no SPACE sex dummy.  I have Earthling Sex Dummies.  Like, seven.  They’re dwarfs.  And I wear a lovely blue dress.

Don’t judge me.

About The Author

Acadia Einstein

I'm the funny one. And the handsome one. And I pay for everything.


  1. loolpooq

    i think you posted this before

  2. Kenny

    I know exactly why you have this picture:

    1.) O’Hare airport…moving walkway…1994…
    2.) This was the partner-prototype for your “Dummysex” stage show.
    3.) You called it your, “Considerate Lover”. The show never opened.

    I remember that you pointed out the, “Load-Sav-R”, feature, which was really just a bunch of packing tape over a blowjob style, fuck dummy mouth.

    Thought that this might jog your memory. You are welcome!


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