Picture Perfect is  over and the winners have been decided.  The voting for the Bonus pic is still going.  Click here to see them and vote.  You have to be a member of G+ to vote but you should anyway.

Go here to see the pics and I encourage you to give your faves a shout out in the comments.

I decided to add a second and third prize to the list.  The final scores are here so you can see who did what, but I am going to announce the prizes themselves below.

Here they are – the winners!

  1. Cornmeal! – 86 Points!
  2. Eva Halloween – 82 Points! (I will contact you about your prize)
  3. Angela Mia – 60 Points! (I will contact you about your prize)

And FYI, Selina Kyle had 59 points!  And she seems to be running away with the Bonus vote for now so yay her!  I want to thank everyone for playing, and can’t wait to do this again.

You have until Friday to vote for your favorite bonus pic.  Twins!  Gynecology office!  Action figure sex!  We have it all!  Go vote!