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Pigs Need Foster Parents, Too

Mama Dachshund is fostering this little piglet for another mom who couldn’t take care of him.  He had his eyes closed, but now they are open. He is just a little bigger than her other pups. She loves this little guy more than the other puppies and she is nursing him back to health. He is the cleanest puppy ever because she licks him all the time.  Mamas love babies, no matter what.  If there is a baby in need, there’s a mama to love him.  Here is proof of the strength of a mama’s love.

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  1. Jenny

    AWWWWWWWE!! I love little piglets.

  2. sadermaxx

    That is amazing!

  3. bing

    hi,i do like your site very much.but sometimes i have trouble with its loading even if my connection is super okay.anyway,take care and keep the posts coming.Good day.

  4. Daisy the Curly Cat

    Bebbeh piglet is very cute! I’m glad he has a mom to care for him.

  5. Doctor Faustroll

    Not like baby bacon and a little hair of the dog to get me going in the morning…


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