So since Sugar from Survivor bills herself as a Pin Up Model, I thought that it might be nice to show you what real pin up girls look like. Hotspur the perv has a butt-ton of them and we put have loaded them up for your viewing pleasure.  Go visit the Pin Up Gallery now!

And since Sugar from Survivor gave me the idea, I decided to look her up.  Her pics are below.  I don’t think anyone would pin up her picture except maybe for Courtney Love’s Mom.  “Ohhh my Courtney.  Look at how plump and not on heroin she is!” she’d say.  I think Pin Up Models should only be cartoons or paintings or whatever they are. That way they can always be doing something sexy.  Like the girl up there.  Sexily fishing…  I hope I find one where the girl is sexily eating popcorn or sexily hoisting an anchor.  That’s sexy.

Jessica Kiper Gallery after the Jump!