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Pin Up Girls are for Pinning Up

So since Sugar from Survivor bills herself as a Pin Up Model, I thought that it might be nice to show you what real pin up girls look like. Hotspur the perv has a butt-ton of them and we put have loaded them up for your viewing pleasure.  Go visit the Pin Up Gallery now!

And since Sugar from Survivor gave me the idea, I decided to look her up.  Her pics are below.  I don’t think anyone would pin up her picture except maybe for Courtney Love’s Mom.  “Ohhh my Courtney.  Look at how plump and not on heroin she is!” she’d say.  I think Pin Up Models should only be cartoons or paintings or whatever they are. That way they can always be doing something sexy.  Like the girl up there.  Sexily fishing…  I hope I find one where the girl is sexily eating popcorn or sexily hoisting an anchor.  That’s sexy.

Jessica Kiper Gallery after the Jump!

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  1. TripTheLady

    mrs. cleaver, just shy of beaver, still makes eddie haskell a bad boy :p

  2. jethro

    Don’t be dissing the Sugar.
    She’s the only reason to watch Survivor.

    Also, don’t you have a Betty Page um… page?
    You should.

  3. jason

    two good reasons to like feb. 22 sugar,and drew barrymore.I was also born feb 22, we would like to see more of sugar.


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