Our Conversation with Twitch Streamer PixieX

Pixie X is a rookie to the Women in Horror Month Celebration and streams horror games on the Twitch platform. She is also what we hope to be the first of many Women Horror Streamers!

Check out the interview below, and be sure to follow her on Twitch!

Why do you prefer horror games?

I’ve only recently started playing horror games for myself but I’ve always loved the concept and idea of horror games. It started with my dad playing Resident Evil 1 on the PlayStation. I was terrified but intrigued all at once. I loved watching other people play them as a way for me to experience the stories but not have to be in control of a character as that idea was just to scary for me. Eventually I started small, with Dead By Daylight and then moved onto other games that I had seen other people play but I always thought I’d be too scared to play for myself. The adrenaline kick I get from running away from something “trying to get me” brings me back to when I was a child and thinking monsters were going to chase me up the stairs. I squeal and panic but I know in my mind it’s not real which is what makes it so fun.

Do you like horror in other media like movies?

Yes! I love everything horror! From games to movies to books and art, It’s Always been a massive part of my life.  Halloween has been my favourite holiday since I was a young child and anything remotely spooky interested me. I enjoyed reading from a young age so I naturally mixed my love for reading with horror and started reading Goosebumps. As I became a teen I left horror books behind and migrated to teen novels but started getting into horror movies. I went back to horror books at about 15 when I got a copy of Stephen King’s IT. I fell in love and out of everything I’ve read, it’s still my favourite. The Genre interests and delights me no matter what form it comes in.

What are some of your favorite games?

I’ve added a range of games that I’m into. I started out naming them and explaining why but it got so long so instead I’ve just listed my current favourites.

  • Outlast
  • Dead by Daylight
  • Resident Evil 2
  • Destiny
  • CoD
  • The Sims 4

What do you like about streaming?

Streaming for me is a way to engage with people who enjoy the same things I do. I adore gaming but it’s not really something everyone sits back and talks about in a social setting. Streaming allows me to interact with people who I know are interested in what I’m playing and my experience while playing it. 

If you could build your dream horror game, what would it be?

I like the concept of Resident Evil where you have a clear objective but are under pressure to do it. I enjoyed Outlast because there was no combat, you relied solely on outrunning someone or something. My ideal horror game would probably be a combination of both of these game styles.