Everyone has seen horror movies sets in creepy old castles and summer camps.  There is even a new one coming out set on a tropical island.  But that is not what this article is about.  I want to see some horror movies set in places that I have never seen before.  I have it narrowed down to three and if you have better ideas let me know.

Internet Casino

You know what I mean, the places where you can play online blackjack.  But I am not saying that I want someone to be using the site when the horror stuff happens, I mean I want it to happen in the offices of the place that makes the site.  Imagine some guy whose job it is to invent cool looking card backs to start getting creeped out because someone keeps turning off his monitor.

Or maybe the gal who codes the blackjack game is terrorized by a bug in the code that turns out to be put in there by a demon.  I don’t know.  I just think nobody would expect an online casino office to be a spot for a horror movie.

Big Box Home Improvement Store

You know what I mean.  You know how big those places are.  Why not put a slasher in there?  Plenty of things to use for slashing and lots of creative kill potential.  And I don’t just mean the easy ones like saws and hatchets.  Here are five guaranteed winner home improvement store kills:

  1. Guy gets tied up in front of one of those big giant heater blower things in the tool rental section. Slooooow burn.  *high fives self*
  2. The killer strips some people naked and then darts past them with sandpaper. The thought of it gives me the willies but honestly the movie would have to be like six hours long if you were gonna sand people to death so maybe not.
  3. “Eat that box of grout mix!” said the killer.
  4. Drown someone in a bathtub display.
  5. Kill them with a landscape paving stone and then bury them in the mocked up firepit area.

Seriously you can use any of those for your horror movie.  I won’t be mad.  I AM KEEPING THE GOOD ONES FOR MYSELF!

Dungeons and Dragons Game

Imagine a group of friends ordering some Domino’s and running a marathon game session, except that one of the friends is a monster.  Admittedly, I am not sure how there would be a lot of suspense in this one unless….

OK so what if the movie takes place in game, and the chaotic evil rogue is killing the other players in the course of the regular game play, but when we flip back to the basement, he killed them in real life!  And then it is just him and the DM.  Was the DM in on it?  Well you will just have to pay me to make the movie so you can find out!

In conclusion, I am pretty sure that none of those locations ever had a horror movie set in them but if I am wrong let me know.  And by the way, I originally had 5 but the post was getting too long so I cut it down.  Looks like I will be able to milk a part two out of this bad boy!

Happy horror hunting!