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Play This All Day at Work

Play This All Day at Work


Since tomorrow is Halloween you will be running around all day trying to find the right color pants for your Kimmy Schmitt costume.  And since most of us look don’t like Charlotte McKinney in the banner pic or whatever her male equivalent is, we will also try to make sure that if we can’t be sexy, we can at least be clever.  Or we can be terrible like these people Sangfroid found in his Halloween Costume Fails post.

But whatever you do, you can make sure you are the coolest person in your office with my sweet Shar Banning Tribute and Play for Attention Spotify Playlist.  There are a couple “explicit” songs in it but they don’t over advertise themselves and the majority are your standard fare mixed with some added bonuses you might not be immediately familiar with.

Let me know what you think, and follow me on Spotify.  I think that’s a thing.  And if you want to suggest other songs for the list, or add them, I think I made it so you could.  Happy Halloween.  I am going as “Guy who Keeps following Charlotte McKinney.”  Enjoy!

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Acadia Einstein

I'm the funny one. And the handsome one. And I pay for everything.


  1. Bobbi Jo Woods

    Good damn playlist.

    No, I’m not doing any Halloweening crap. I’m staying inside like the old stick in the mud I am, and happy to do so.

    **obligatory walker wave at you**

  2. Bobbi Jo Woods

    Also, Google Play Music All Access or GTFO.

      • Bobbi Jo Woods

        Yep. I’m a grump.

        No, Google Play All Access is not free. It’s a paltry eight dollars per month and it’s worth much, much more. Your loss.

  3. skampie

    Spotify doen’t work for me worth a crap no matter how you put it. I has a sad!

      • skampie

        probably 🙁

  4. Sangfroid

    I would pay real money to see Acadia dresses as Kimmy Schmitt


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