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Playstation 3 Getting a Price Cut

He has problems.

He has problems.

It’s about damn time for that, you know? How much was that damn thing before? Now, they lowered it to $299.

Sony Corp. (SNE) effectively cut the price of its PlayStation 3 by $100 on Tuesday, a move the consumer-electronics giant hopes will juice demand for the next-generation gaming console, which has undersold its rivals since its launch nearly two years ago.

Sony announced that its PlayStation 3 will come in a new slim form factor, cost $299, and will be available at retail stores in about two weeks. The price is down from $399 for the current model.

Maybe this will stop the PlayStation 2 from kicking its ass in sales?

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  1. Film-Book dot Com

    Sony fucked up from the beginning by not advertising that it came with a blu-ray player. Idiots.

  2. Celeb Girlz

    Aaaaargh! After I finally gave in and paid full freaking price. I knew it had to come down eventually but got tired of waiting. Ah well, it is the highest rated Blu-Ray player after-all.


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