Disinterested Look? Check. Black feathery thing? Check. Giant veiny Melissa Gilbert boobs? Check. Let's Podcast!

In honor of the launch of the iPad, I decided to gather up some people who do podcasts and link you to them.  And in honor of my bloodlust, I have decided to make it some sort of fight.  (Let’s see what I can make up between now and when I say: here’s how it works.)

Here’s how it works.   I post up these links and if the authors of the pod cats (that’s not a typo, I prefer the term pod cats) comment in the post then they stay in for next week.  Unless they don’t do anything new or I forget about it.  And if someone wants to be included, they need to post a comment in here and I will email them.  So here we go!

  1. Twenty9cast.com – if you read the gallery in 2008 you might remember JW.  He he has a pod cat now with some other guy.  They talk about thirteen dollar hamburgers.
  2. Jenny Beans. She writes stories and then reads them and lets you listen to them without having to read.  When you think about it, she does twice the work so you don’t have to move your eyes.  You should be ashamed.
  3. James Melzer.  He’s a writer, too.  He’s marrying number two.  That came out wrong.
  4. Seth Harwood.  I guess it might be Sethh Arwood.
  5. Murverse.  Don’t confuse this with the Mumurverse.  I can’t hear anything they say…
  6. Shadow Publications.  That’s one of the most bad ass domains I have seen in a while.  And it’s almost as long as ours.  Almost.  🙁
  7. Scott Sigler.  He has a video of himself.  And a hat.
  8. Michbek.  Her name is Michele Bekemeyer.  I assume she digs me.  Not for any reason other than that I’m pretty frigging hunky.

OK Pod Cats people.  Let’s see who wants it the most.  Also, if any of you readers listen to other people, let me know.  I don’t know crap about pod cats.  Maybe I could make one.  Maybe I already did and you can listen after the jump!

Nope.  Don’t understand it yet.  Check back later.