Long Ass Game Pod Cast

I'm Michael in this picture. People who don't try the Long Ass Game are Fredo. Remember what happened to Fredo?

It’s Podcat Saturday and the entry this week is actually about the big contest.  And after that is a special promo from Jenny Beans tacked on the end.  I’m fansay!  So, as always, if you want to be involved in Podcat Saturday (podcaturday) then all you have to do is post in the comments.  Jake Bible failed to comment so he is out!  Here’s who is left.

  1. Twenty9cast.com – These descriptions have nothing to do with the pod cats!
  2. Jenny Beans – Super Fast!
  3. James Melzer –Watch the Fever Burn!
  4. Drew Beatty – Massive Elements of Spite!

So now listen to my podcat.  It could win you $100.00.  And then the promo.  And then someone request a podcat because it amuses me!  And play the Long Ass Game!  And eat me!