Couldn’t get enough Podcast?  Needed another dose?  Well, come get  hot face full of phone action.  We played all the voice mails we got for the week and had special guest Nicole (special as in she’s not usually on, not special as in she smells her fingers a lot) in on the show cause we needed someone to do a bunch of chortling to make us seem like we’re funny (she’s hired!).

Also – the pic for this eppy is Milla Jovovich and myself on the set of her shitty movie: Resident Evil: Midget Elephant Man.  I play a dual role.  I’m the midget elephant man as well as the barber pole.  Beans and Melzer were not in the movie.  They were too busy not watching Community and earning my wrath!

Why is there a barber pole?  And is this becoming a Milla Jovovich site?  DO YOU WANT TO FIGHT ME?  Didn’t think so.  Milla stays. *Hugs pillow, looks around suspiciously, watches Ultraviolet*