This week we learned how to play stuff so that we can hear AND talk at the same time.  Not a bad way to celebrate our 30th show.  Wait, yes it is.  We should have known how to do that since the beginning.  Fuck.  We are like, one step above throwing our own poop.  Well, I am.  And Melzer.  But don’t get too near Beans.  You’ll get poop in your hair.

Also Dr. Nob keeps swearing at people.  Go listen.  And watch the video with Kirsten Dunst’s sister in it.  Apparently country singers sort of rap now.  I’m sure that doesn’t make country people or rappers all that happy.  It’s like sushi pizza.  You could cook a pizza and then put rice and raw fish on it.  But why would you?  That said, this song is cute.  And I think they must have used tape or something on her cooter cause no way she could stay camel toe free wearing that cat suit.  Trust me.  I know!