The file is late again and I blame the non-me contingent of my little triplex.  See, apparently getting a Visa and being allowed into the state has made Melzer a drunk.  Hudock has always been pretty much a paint-huffer but I had higher hopes for Melz.  But nope.  Now that he can come to America he told me after the show that his plan is to “go on the welfare” and “get free healthcare like he got in Canada”.

The rest of the show was Dr. Nob and Coffin Nail Neil having better production values than we do.  See, they have time to do a bunch of takes while we have to do everything live.  Well, I guess technically since Beans and Melzer…wait, it just occurred to me that they don’t have a “couple” name.  So let’s pick one.  Whichever one wins in the comments is what I’ll call them from now on during the show and in all legal documents.

  • Means
  • Belzer
  • Meanzler
  • Head Cheese
  • Todd
  • Head Cheese Todd

Write in votes will also be accepted – whichever one gets the most comments will be their new couple name.  So let’s go.

And one more thing.  Coffin Nail Neil explained in his long answer to what kind of TV he liked that Friends was not funny.  He is wrong.  As proof I submit the “Room Mate Game” episode.  It starts at 2:45 and is one of the funniest pieces of TV I can recall.  The guy who posted it won’t let it be embedded cause he’s an asshole but whatever it is still funny.  Click here and watch it. And you know what?  Jennifer Aniston is funny.  Fuck movies and fuck Brad Pitt, Jen.  Just get a TV show and be funny.  Also – I have to fix the Guess my Netflix scores cause Sangfroid was supposed to get double for getting the three pack right.  So now I’m gonna put it back to one after the jump!

This does appear in a movie on Netflix.  You will be able to find it using the most obvious method I can think of.  Also, your mom is promiscuous.