Here are the highlights.

  • I’m done with Allison Kyler.  She has made a moderately powerful enemy.
  • I’m also done with the designer who started working with me and then quit without a word.
  • I need a new non-celebrity and designer.
  • Beans is running a contest – you can hear me buy her book ON THE AIR! And you might win an actual hard copy of the book if you buy the e-version now.
  • Melzer let me know that Canada really sucks and they banned Money for Nothing from the radio cause of the “faggot” lines.  I can’t find a copy of the video with the original lyrics and now I’m not sure if there ever was one?  Like – would MTV have played it with the line in it?
  • Wipeout is awesome and I don’t understand how people don’t die.  I’m including video.  Watch it and then tell me how they don’t die.

Wipeout Top 10