This week we had a special guest on Podcaturday.  @Marcand from Texas joined us and we talked about aliens and LOST (of course) and some other stuff I don’t remember.  I think I needed more coffee.  I remember talking and I remember there being a bright light.  Then everything went really dark and, when I came to, the whole podcat was over.  Oh, and the Amityville Horror house.

Links?  Well, you have Melzer and Beans.  And Drew Beatty and some Gay Arab Dude and Nicole.  But there is one thing that the wizard dude from Texas turned me onto that I think everyone should be using.


Yeah – it has free movies and shit.  I watched 1/2 of Kick Ass before I got scared that the FBI might come get me.  It’s fast, it’s clear and it is free.  I may be riddled with viruses now, but whatever!


bluzdude has attained the dubious honor of being named the winner of the Best Comment of the Week. The only prize is the aforementioned dubious honor.  And being noticed by me, also a dubious honor.  You could eat out on this for weeks…at McDonalds, maybe.  Can I use the phrase “dubious honor” a few more times?  No?  I didn’t think so. I’d buy you a beer, sir, at the seedy joint of your choosing, especially if the scary bald American Idol-loving (but not gay) guy grilled for us.

bluzdude said on Filler Cheese:

Can Lolcheese really be the next big internet sensation?

“Iz really Bree.”

Shit Acadia forgot to Mention!

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