I’m not gonna lie to you.  I’m messed up and sick.  I’ve never missed three days of work in a row before that I know of and I feel shitty like I’m some sort of prisoner who has vital information that is being tortured out of me.  Except I don’t know what the info is so all I get is beatings and sleep deprivation.  Anyway – I suck but the show is awesome.  We have voice mails, Conan swords, Judge Judy and people not realizing that water is the best element.  Beans and Melzer are FOOLS!  So go listen.

Oh, and way back when, Milla Jovovich listened to people who told her she could sing so she made an album.  As it turned out, it sucked, but she had perpetually hard nipples so they put her on tour to promote it anyway. So the song came up in my iTunes and I forgot about this bit I was gonna do with her name (I’ll do it at some point) and then I said – this song fucking sucks!  So I looked for it on YouTube and I found a VERY young little boy introducing young “Milla”.  Watch it.  It’s funny.  I’m gonna go shiver and cry some more now – I need to be normal by Monday.  I HAVE to be.

Milla Jovovich and her Nipples – Gentlemen Who Fell