This is the first Podcast of 2011, which makes it automatically better than all of the ones from 2010 because pretty much everything in 2010 sucked ass.  So, rather than dwell on the past, I give you the fresh new podcast amd the news that based on a sweet idea from Beans and Melzer, I’ll be writing a book this year.  No shit, I really will!  Well, at least the kind that Michael Eric Dyson writes.

And, because it’s awesome, here is the top of a website than Vange found.  It links to the website itself.  The site is called Real Baby Samples.

Real Baby Samples - No Fakes!

I refuse to pay for baby samples. They're so small.

You know what I didn’t ask Vange?  I didn’t ask her why she was looking for samples of babies.  I assume it is related to the cauldron she asked me to get her for Christmas.  Secret Santa kind of blows when there are only two people…  Happy New Year!