This week on Podcaturday I was just pretending to talk to Beans and Melzer when what I was really doing was trying to figure out what I could include in today’s post.  Oh, and I also thought of ways to kill the two of them.  I multitask.  So after the jump, you will get a pic, a video an announcement and a boner (not really).  But before that, you get to listen to the show and maybe click over to my Racist Tea Party Tumblr.  Dr. Nob called from a ship, Adorable Kate got called out by me AGAIN (I’m waiting for you, Kate) and I’m seriously considering charging a buck for me to slander the person of your choice.

Video – Jimmy Fallon does a mean Charlie Sheen

Picture – Mary Steenburgen

mary steenburgen
This was taken at the premeire of my new movie: “Kidnapping Mary Steenburgen”

Big Announcement

Guess My Netflix is coming back.  And the rules will be different!  And so will the prize!  So get ready -you won’t know when it’s coming!